Personal injury lawyers vigorously and successfully representing those injured or killed through negligence or misconduct and those whose insurance claims have been wrongfully denied.

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Jerome Levy has been in practice for over half a century; his firm is well established among the leading plaintiffs' firms in Chicago handling personal injury and wrongful death claims, including claims resulting from commercial and private aviation accidents, automobile accidents and crashes, hazardous chemicals and toxic spills, and medical and dental malpractice; also handling wrongful denial of insurance benefits or claims and insurance disputes.

Jerome Levy and his partners bring decades of experience in trying and settling cases for clients with personal injury and damage claims and wrongful denial of insurance claims, including ERISA claims, against insurance companies and large and small corporations. During our many years of successfully representing plaintiffs, we have developed access to highly competent doctors, engineers, chemists, environmentalists and other forensic experts who assist in preparing and presenting cases for settlement discussions or in court.

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